Big Dipper Meditation

Big Dipper Meditation

The Big Dipper turns in the sky around the North Star, marking the seasons like a cosmic clock. It is the point at the intersection of timelessness (the stationary north star) and time (the moving handle of the Dipper). Taoists have many temples, meditations, and entire sects named after the North Star and Big Dipper (also known as Ursa Major, The Plough, The Greater Bear, The Great Wagon, The Wheel).

One meditation involves breathing and connecting each of the seven stars in the Dipper to different parts of the brain and the glands of the head. Meditations in the head are considered advanced, so it is important to bring the energy back to the abdomen through circular massage around the navel. The order of the stars starts at the end of the Dipper’s handle and go out to the far end of the Dipper’s ‘scoop.’

How it works: visualize each star in the dipper, connect to the associated part of the brain, and breath three times with this connection. It can help to have seven tea candles on the floor in the shape of the Dipper or an image of the dipper in front of you.

  • First star: visualize purple light in the cerebellum at the back of the brain, which coordinates posture, balance, coordination, speech
  • Second star: visualize dark blue light in the memory center, the temporal lobe at the forebrain
  • Third star: visualize light-blue light in the pineal gland below the crown of the head
  • Fourth star: visualize green light in the thalamus at the top of the brain stem
  • Fifth star: visualize yellow light at the hypothalamus and pituitary gland behind the third eye
  • Sixth star: visualize orange light at the temples and above the ears at the olfactory gland
  • Seventh Star: visualize red directly at the third eye to awaken ‘mystic sight.’

To close this meditation, you can see the rainbow of colors traveling from the head down the front of the body to collect at the navel. You can even circulate this energy around the microcosmic orbit a few times. Remember to store this energy in the navel, connect to the earth, go for a walk, do tai chi or yoga to disperse the energy from your head.

inspired by the book:

Lesser Kan and Li Enlightenment and Birth of the Immortal Fetus, by Mantak Chia

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching:
Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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