Begin Again, The Eternal Return

Photo from a cathedral along the St. Gilles Way in France. Our group spent a month along this ancient pilgrims’ route; practicing chi kung, meditation, and internal alchemy on ancient sites in sacredly geometric structures.

The ancient cathedrals were built using a knowledge of geometry that provided healing through the harmonic resonance of the structures. Meditation in these structures is said to speed up the process of healing and evolution more than just meditation alone.

Entering and leaving the cathedral was like entering and leaving the womb for birth/rebirth. Even the door was built to symbolize this.

As the sun begins it’s rebirth and eternal return to longer days, it’s a perfect time to think about how we want to rebirth ourselves. Where can we be healthier? How can we be more kind? In what ways can our consciousness vibrate out to our families and communities, like the vibration of the stones in great cathedrals?

We can be a tuning fork that spreads a healing frequency.

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