Beating the Health Averages

Beating the Health Averages

If you knew the 10 leading causes of death, would you want to try to beat them? 75% of all deaths in the U.S. are attributed to just 10 causes, and the top three of these account for over 50% of all deaths. No one can predict the future and tomorrow is unknown, but we can play games of probability and live our life in ways to out-perform the averages in the health arena. Accidents can happen, and accidents made the list of top ten. However, if we can do things to increase our odds of living a longer, healthier life, we might want to know what those habits are.

Heart Disease is the Leading Cause of Death

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the leading cause of death is heart disease. In heart disease, plaque builds up in the arteries,  the arteries narrow, and it makes it more difficult for blood to flow; creating a risk for a heart attack or a stroke. It is as simple as that; heart disease causes plaque in the arteries.

If you think you are having a heart attack or a stroke, it is important to admit it to yourself and get help immediately.  Some signs of this are chest pain or discomfort, pain or discomfort in the upper body, arms, neck, and jaw. Symptoms and pain can show up in the left arm more because our heart tilts on that side. Breathlessness, nausea, lightheadedness, cold sweats, even hands up, protecting the heart can be signs of heart attack or stroke.

As a life-style, having low blood pressure and low cholesterol can lower the risk for heart disease. A few recommended lifestyle modifications from the American Heart Association can be eating foods lower in salt, lower in refined sugar, having diets that are high diet in fresh fruit and vegetables. Other healthy habits include exercising regularly, avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking, and reducing stress levels. Heart disease equals 23.4% of total deaths in the United States.

And, emotions, feelings peace, and being grateful help too.

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