Basis of the Inner Smile

Basis of the Inner Smile

The secret of the Inner Smile meditation sounds so simple. Smile down to the body, relax, and feel the body. Notice what is in the body. And feel gratitude. If it’s hard to feel gratitude, just say thank you 

Notice any thoughts. They’re like trains passing through a station. We don’t have to get on any train, we can just watch them. We don’t have to judge our thoughts or obsess over them. Just notice them, like a family of geese flying over a lake. Reflect them and let them go when they’ve passed. 

To add to it, although it’s not necessary, look at anatomy charts of the organs and learn what they do in the body. Then, improve the visualization in full color and texture. Thank the organs for specific things they do. As the organs feel appreciated, the energy they create and broadcast out is of a much more pleasant. The brain will experience this energy in a way it wants to repeat and a habit can be formed. 

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