Balancing Energy

Balancing Energy 

After learning to conserve energy, we want to practice balancing energy. If we can balance the energy inside of us, our outer life will become more balanced as a reflection. Likewise, setting up a balanced life will make our inner energy more calm and centered. If this sounds so simple, why isn’t it common?

When our energy is out of balance, we have too much energy in some places Of the body and not enough in others. For instance, if we have too much fiery energy, it may burn out the watery energy in our body (the bone marrow, harm rejuvenating hormones, etc.) This condition can lead to dryness in the body, and even brittle bones over time. 

Other imbalances can flow from too much mental energy, creating a separation between the head and the body. Too much emotional energy or emotional situations in life can overheat the heart. Excessive se.xual activity can drain the fluids from a man’s reproductive organs and cause fatigue and premature aging. 

There are many practices for balance in the Taoist traditions. There are fundamental practices for balancing yin and yang, balancing one’s energy with nature, and even balancing ancestral patterns in the DNA with one’s life right now. As you know, I wrote a simple book with some of these exercises. Here is the title and information: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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