As above, so below 

As above, so below 

Taoists believe that the way we see the universe is the way we approach life. If we see the universe as a dangerous, contentious foe, then we will approach life suspiciously, nervously, and without trust. If we see the universe as a loving and abundant environment, we can have an experience of life as a learning environment and people and situations as positive experiences. From the Taoist perspective, it doesn’t matter as much as we see the universe, just that it will mirror itself in our lives. So we shouldn’t be surprised when we get what we get. 

Further, Taoists teach that we can understand the body by studying the macrocosm—and visa versa. Studying the movements of protons and electrons can teach us about outer space.  Chemical analysis of the inner reaches of outer space can inform what is happening within our body. The laws of gravity that hold planets in orbit can be the same laws that bind us to our habits, unless an outside force, or change, acts upon us. Understanding this and having a feeling of connectedness with the universe may bring us peace and freedom and enlighten an otherwise mundane life. 

It is said that most of the matter in existence is invisible to the naked human eye and so called “dark matter.” The physical matter we see may be frozen waves of energy that slowed enough to be seen. Understanding energy and matter outside of us can help us unfreeze stuck energy patterns inside of us. It starts by listening to silence within and following it deeper. 

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