Anchoring in the Body

Anchoring in the Body

There is a Taoist practice for maintaining an awareness in the center of the body. We turn our senses inward and the energy of our sense organs reverses their flow back into the body. When our senses continually look for stimulate ‘our there’ our total energy level decreases as it flows out to find temporary pleasure and fleeting delights. 

As we turn our awareness inward during our meditation time, we can more easily find our center during the busyness and distractions of our days. Strength, clarify, and self-confidence grow as we pull our energy into one unified place.  

We can feel a sense of peace and contentment as our sense organs settle into the body. The endless searching begins to slow and the pull of the external world loosens. If our temptations are less important, we can direct our energy to more useful purposes. 

Practices for bringing the energy to body and lower abdomen are common topics from this author. Massaging the lower lumbars with the back of the hands is a great practice for vitality. Massaging the navel area in a circular fashion ‘warms the stove’ and stokes the fires of willpower. Deep and slow breathing with the hands on the belly calms and invigorates at the same time. Try it and good luck!

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