Alchemy of the Planets

Alchemy of the Planets

As this Taoist meditation system advances, it eventually moves from adopting the Earth’s perspective to adopting the Solar System’s perspective. Here the practitioner looks at the relationship of yin/yang and the five elements at the level of the Solar System, as the Sun holds the center for the unfolding energies. 

From the Solar System’s perspective, the five elements are the inner planets, the ones that can be seen with the naked eye:

  • the Wood element is represented by the expansive planet Jupiter. 
  • the Fire element is embodied by the red planet, Mars.  
  • the earth element is seen as the balanced planet Saturn, with its beautiful belt channel rings.  
  • the metal element is represented by Venus, with the qualities of the goddess of beauty. 
  • the water element shows its qualities through Mercury, as it dances through the sky, flowing forward and backward.   

The seat of this alchemy in the human body is the heart. The heart has the radiant qualities of the outer sun, but also the magnetic qualities of the inner sun. By balancing the energy of our physical body and resonating with the balanced energy of nature, we become like the sun. We can shine positive qualities on others, without discriminating through judgement. 

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