Alchemy, Finding the Tao Within

“Alchemy is an ancient precursor of the natural sciences, standing with one foot in the realm of magic and mysticism, and touching on chemistry and physics with the other. One tenet of alchemy is that by combining and refining lesser elements, ever more precious substances can be distilled.”

-From Uplift Connect, via The Qigong Institute

“Taoist tradition calls internal alchemy neidanNeidanaims to reunify the individual with the Tao (also Dao) – the immaterial substance facilitating the existence of all things. This union is the centerpiece of Taoist philosophy and religion. At their core, all beings and things are an aspect of the Tao. Self-completing means finding the Taowithin and thereby aligning with the greater Tao.”

-From Uploft Connect, via The Qigong Institute

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