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About Andrew McCart: Bios, Testimonials, Certificates

Andrew is a Senior Instructor of the Healing Tao Association of the Americas. Over the last 20 years, Andrew has studied Taoism in depth with numerous teachers, including 12 Healing Tao Senior Instructors on three different continents. He holds black belts in three martial arts and is a student of multiple healing modalities, including Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, Acupressure, Cosmic Healing Chi Kung, and Medical Chi Kung. Andrew is a professor of Healthcare Leadership and Health Administration at the University of Louisville and holds a PhD in Public Health. See testimonials below.

Testimonials from Students

“I was diagnosed with ADHD & Dyslexia. I was told by doctors even a 45 minute class would be too long for me to sit though without getting bored or restless. Every class I have with Andrew McCart is three hours long, but his unique and diverse teaching style helps keep my attention the entire session. I leave class feeling like a retained most of the knowledge and still find myself hungry for even more information. ” -Dan G.

“Andrew McCart’s courses teach the student to first lead themselves. He helps them start within and then work their way out eventually leading others and their community. His courses take pride in observing how things are currently the standard and how they can improve, instead of just following the status quo. By doing this he leads by example, teaching his students how to be better leaders that blaze their own trail. ” -Mary M.

“I believe that Andrew’s style of teaching allows students to gain confidence. It also allows for more interaction among classmates because students do not have to worry about knowing the right answer. The more involvement or class participation allows students to learn from classmates that would normally be silent. The increased confidence is utilized in all areas of the students’ life, at school, home, work, etc. The leadership displayed by you and others is contagious, causing a butterfly effect throughout our community.

The community projects are a great example of the positive impact in our community. Many students will continue to give back to our community and the benefits will positively affect many people and society as a whole. The main reason I enjoy your classes is because the things I learn are practical and I can see immediate results from applying them. These classes have been one of the most positive and influential experiences of my life. I would recommend the program to anyone desiring positive change.”
– in deepest gratitude, William F.

“Prof. McCart is always learning along with his students. If it is information from the daily news, current topic, a student’s question, he is in and on constant learning mode. If a student has an audio book share, he is willing to listen. It seems that even if a student brings in an author on the class subject, whom Prof. McCart has not researched, it is not long until he is bringing back more relevant information on the same author.” – thanks much, Miranda P.

“Andrew’s teaching style is very much a community of learning. What I mean by this is as a class Andrew lectures briefly to cover key topics then as a class we discuss situations that these key points may be used in. The discussions are always lively and energetic and even if your response misses the mark, Andrew will always find a positive that can be taken from your remark. No one ever feels intimidated or belittled. Andrew always strives to push his class out of their comfort zones, be it group discussion, public speaking or getting involved in the community through one of his group projects.

I as well as my classmates have grown as leaders in our communities due to these projects that are not only great for the community but fun for the students as well. We never face the pressure of failure that petrifies some students, as we are graded on our growth and our thoughtful efforts. Andrew has built an environment where failure doesn’t exist. This allows his students to strive for that goal that they always thought was impossible to reach, without fear of a poor grade just because you miss the mark. Through his classes I have pushed myself in my own career and far exceeded my own goals and expectations, but more importantly when there were failures along the way I didn’t fold, I persevered.” – John W.

“Prof. McCart breaks the subject matter down into real world circumstances. It is what you are dealing with today, the knowledge that if it not relevant today it will be at some point in the future.” – Barry R.

“I am writing this to thank you for all you’ve done for me. Prior to studying with you, no one could have convinced me that learning could be fun. The three years I have spent with you have been wonderful and now that I have become the person that I always wanted to be, I just want to say thank you. Thanks for your patience, kindness, caring, and your ability to bring out my admirable qualities and inner strengths.

Helping me realize who I can be and what I can achieve is probably one of the greatest lessons I have ever received in my life. Many people over the years have tried to tell me how to live my life, you have taught me not only a better way to live my life, but also how to make dreams become realities. When first we met I was broken, physically, mentally, and financially so you taught me how to set goals and arrange my life to overcome these obstacles, the materials you gave me inspired me and while I may still be a little wrinkled I am no longer broken in any of these areas.” – Brenda L.

“Talking the talk and walking the walk is what I love best about you, never asking anyone to do anything you haven’t done yourself, or be someone that they are not. You gave me every opportunity to shine and I feel like I have, I wish that was every teacher’s motive for teaching. While attending your classes I always felt as if I was part of something bigger, you gave me back the joy in learning that so many others had crushed, I won’t ever let anyone take that from me again.

I have to say you have been so much more than a teacher you’ve been a true friend and that is a rare quality in any class room. In a lesson you once taught about how you can’t change people you can only change yourself, I have found that while this may be true, if a person is given the proper tools and motivation you won’t have to try to change them, you can just watch them change into the person they really want to be. You are the only true philanthropist I have ever known and with that said I will end this by saying it has been an honor and a privilege to have met you and be able to call you friend.” – Joe K.

“While most classes I’ve had in the past the teacher sticks to one style of passing on information; most commonly lecture. Andrew McCart incorporates at least three different styles in a single class. He will sometimes start with an activity to engage the class and warm everyone up to interact with the group. Then he will go into a lecture on the reading material. After that we will sometimes go into a small group exercise, which then merges into a large group exercise. This wide range of methods makes the class fun and engaging because you never know what methods he will implement next.”

“While most teachers give you information and then expect you to regurgitate it on the test. Andrew McCart strives to impart wisdom on his students, making them search inside of themselves for answers.” – Beth M.

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