A System of Healing

A System of Healing

This is a system for preventing illness and stress, and enhancing the ability to experience all aspects of life. One goal is to increase vital energy through simple meditations and physical exercises. The increases energy is circulated through meridians of the body and transformed into health, vitality, balanced energy, and creative expression.

This system is practical and accessible to everyone. Taoism is a modern expression of centuries-old knowledge. In olden times, these techniques were known only to the royal court and hand-picked students. Modern Taoist masters, such as Mantak Chia and many others learned these power exercises and began teaching these publicly. During wars, regulations, and unrest in China, many Taoists fled and their knowledge spread around the world. 

Taoism, as I learned it, is not a religion. It doesn’t endorse or oppose other religions, and doesn’t clash with agnosticism and atheism. There are no rules, no required rituals, no mandates on sex or diet, and no gurus to surrender to. The true teacher is nature, along with the ability to tune into the body. 


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