Energy flows through our body and our wellbeing depends on the strength of the life force flowing through our body. If energy flows easily, we enjoy good health and a positive demeanor. If energy is stuck and the flow is restricted we feel tired and stuck negative in negative states of mind.

Of the Eight Great Rivers in Classical Chinese Medicine, the Microcosmic Orbit is a river of energy made of two of these Eight Great Rivers. The governor vessel travels up the spine and the conception vessel flows up the midline on the front of the body. The Microcosmic Orbit meditation is a practice for opening the energy flow and maintains freely flowing energy pathways. The Orbit moves up the spine, in the back, and down the front of the chest.

Ancient Taoists discovered the circulation of this circuit and its ability to heal the body and prevent illness from disrupting the body’s harmony. Each time we complete a circuit of the Microcosmic Orbit our vitality increases. When these channels are full, it sets in motion energy absorption from nature and by making the body more balanced and efficient.


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