Three Foundational Practices

Three Foundational Practices:
—Warming the stove: standing, massage the kidneys, moving the back of the hands up and down 90 times. Warm the lower abdomen by massaging in a circular direction, one hand on the front and the back of the other hand on the back—45 times one way and 45 times the other way. 
—Embryo Breathing: standing, open the front of the body, with the arms up at approximately a 90-degree bend, then, bending over, curl the front of the body into a ball, like an embryo. To layer more healing, one can breathe in the lung sound (Sssss) and breathe out the kidney sound (Chooo). Do this for a minute or so. 
—Horse Crosses the Meadow: standing, swing the arms loosely as the hips move forward and back. When the arms and hips move forward, rock slightly onto the balls of the feet. When the hips and arms go back, rock gently on the heels. Do this for a minute or so. 

Question and answer:
-how does one get a regular practice going?

-what is the difference between Qi gong and taiji ?

-what else does Taoism have to offer? 
How does this sound?

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