Physical as an Expression of Spiritual

The Yellow Emperor transmits medical books to Lei Gong: The Yellow Emperor, Huangdi, seated beneath a yellow canopy in the shade of a pine tree, flanked by four civil and military officials. is shown presenting books containing medical knowledge to Lei Gong, he Thunder Duke.

“The physical body is the expression of the deeper forces of the psyche that underlie it. The body is made up of tendencies of energy – if these tendencies are healthy, then we will have a healthy body. If, however, these tendencies are unhealthy, then the health of the body declines as well.

“Fortunately, by placing the body in specific postures, we can alter the thinking and the emotions that are taking place. By pressing or stimulating specific areas and points, we can re-route the energy into pathways more conducive to health and happiness. The ancient Tibetans referred to their practices of physical yoga as “Trulkor” – which means a “machine”.

“We can think of the body as a machine in a very important way – if you know how to operate it properly, it can drive you where you want to go. The study of the meridians of acupuncture is a study in the operation of the physical-spiritual-energetic matrix that you inhabit. In this course we will undertake to study it in a number of ways:
Qigong: These exercises will center both on the inner sensation of subtle energy, as well as learning to sense the energy field of another with the palms and the intuition.
Acupressure: We will learn by palpation the locations of the meridians of the body and how to regulate them through touch.
Dao Yin Yoga: We will also learn how to stretch, move, and massage the various energy pathways in order to bring more life, love, integration, and health into them.”

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