Tai chi is free and Seal your Senses

www.luohan.com has these beautiful drawings demonstrating the principles of tai chi!!

“Of all the exercises, I should say that T’ai Chi is the best. It can ward off disease, banish worry and tension, bring improved physical health and prolong life. It is a good hobby for your whole life, the older you are, the better. It is suitable for everyone – the weak, the sick, the aged, children, the disabled and blind. It is also an economical exercise. As long as one has three square feet of space, one can take a trip to paradise and stay there to enjoy life for thirty minutes without spending a single cent.” ~T.T. Liang (Liang Tung-Tsai, 1900-2002), T’ai Chi Ch’uan for Health and Self-Defense

Seal Your Senses, Quiet Your Mind
At the beginning of the Universe Was the Tao.
Study the Tao and you’ll understand All that flow from it.
Understand what flows from it, But remember the Source. Practice its ways and
You will have harmony.
If your mind races and You chase desires; Your heart will not rest.
Seal your senses, Quiet your mind,
Do not overwork and You will know peace.
Turn your eyes inward.
Find the light inside of you.
Yield to the natural way and
You will merge with the source of all things.


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